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Cost Per Participant

INR 2,250
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INR 12,640.50
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Stepathlon's newest offerings provide increased insight into your population's health
and engage employees like never before.
You Will:
  • UNDERSTAND EMPLOYEES' HEALTH RISKS including – Diabetes Risk Score, Cardiovascular Score, Sleep Score and Well-being Score
  • GAIN INSIGHT on the topics of interest to employees
  • GATHER RELEVANT DATA with multiple level reporting
  • GET PERSONALISED and DEDICATED SUPPORT every ‘step’ of the way
  • INCREASE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT during event with a series of online and offline events
  • RECOGNISE and REWARD EMPLOYEES during and after the race
Stepathletes Will:
  • SAVE TIME by sync’ing their steps with Stepathlon accepted devices like Fitbit, Goqii, Jawbone, Garmin, etc., and apps like Google Fit and Health
  • TRACK AND CONNECT ON-THE- GO using our Stepathlon Mobile App
  • COMPETE against others and themselves through our 75 Day Race, Contests, Challenges & Quizzes
  • FIND EACH OTHER using our features to form Groups and create Events
  • RECEIVE DISCOUNTS with some of the fitness device partners in our App and Device Gallery
  • TRACK AND CONNECT ON-THE- GO using our free Mobile App, with a built-in Step-Counter
  • GET REWARDED with our cash & prizes worth over INR 20 lakhs
  • STAY MOTIVATED with our social recognition tools like Badges, Trophies
  • STAY ON TRACK with our 12 month 'Stepping Stones' to health and wellness program
  • GET EDUCATED with consumable content and easy-to- follow advice from our Panel of Experts
  • CUSTOMIZE EXPERIENCE by viewing and posting content based on Personal Interests
  • UNDERSTAND HEALTH with an individual health snapshot offering insights
  • VIEW ALL HEALTH INFORMATION in one convenient place
  • COMPETE against others and themselves through our 100 Day Race, Contests, Challenges & Quizzes
  • SHARE their wins through social forums and the Stepathlon Community
  • FIND EACH OTHER using our Group, Event and Social Chat features
  • FEEL SAFE with our encrypted data storage and strict confidentiality guidelines