Stepathlon Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. (“Stepathlon”) is a private limited company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.

Stepathlon respects personal data privacy, and is committed to fully implementing and complying with data protection principles and ensuring that you retain your privacy while availing the services offered by it. It has thus adopted the following policy in relation to any information which may be collected through this website i.e., and other sub-domain(s) available thereunder (the “Website”), to the extent the same is not contrary or repugnant to the applicable laws. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to tell you what kind of information Stepathlon may gather about you when you visit this Website, how Stepathlon may use that information, whether Stepathlon discloses it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding Stepathlon’s use of, and your ability to correct this information. This Privacy Policy allows you to choose what kind of and how much information you provide to Stepathlon and to control how Stepathlon uses whatever information is obtained by it.

Personal Information

Stepathlon will only collect personal information when you provide it to Stepathlon. Stepathlon will not use any identifying information about you. Stepathlon collects anonymous and personal information primarily to make it easier and more rewarding for you to use Stepathlon’s services. This includes information which might enable you to be identified, such as your name, e-mail address or postal address, and depending on the service you are accessing could include information about what you like and do not like. If Stepathlon holds your personal information, it will, where possible, provide you with access to the information. Stepathlon will take reasonable steps to correct the information so that it is accurate, complete and up to date.

Stepathlon operates secure data networks that are designed to protect your privacy and security. Stepathlon will only use the personal information you have chosen to provide us for the purpose for which you provided it. Stepathlon will not use it for any other purpose without your consent.

Stepathlon Collection Statement

Stepathlon may collect personal information about you during registration process and by means of surveys and health assessments during the Stepathlon Race, principally for aggregate reporting, academic and research purposes, and also to assess and advise you on your health and wellbeing needs. An example of academic research being carried out on the basis of information collected by Stepathlon may be viewed here.

You may receive a summary of your health and wellbeing scores based on the data that you submit. Stepathlon may also indicate how your score compares to an overall event or population scores. Reports are supervised by qualified academic personnel who are trained to interpret results. You may get suggestions for continuing to improve your health and wellbeing.

Sometimes Stepathlon may specifically ask for personal information about you when you sign up to use a service through the Website. Certain information may be required (such as your name, age, internet address or screen name, billing address, type of computer or device) to provide that service or product to you. Information collected from you may also be used to send you relevant communication related to additional products and services which may interest you, newsletters, health and nutrition tips, updates and information, marketing information, to administer contests you have participated in, notify you about the same, improve the Website and its functionalities, to display content based on your interests, etc.

If you provide us with personal information about other individuals, you must ensure that those persons have been made aware of the above matters. Where the information collected relates to health, criminal records, or other sensitive information, you must obtain it with the individual's consent.

You may also have the ability to add the personal information of third party individuals into the Website for invitational and registration purposes. Please note that such information will be used for the limited purpose it has been provided for.

Stepathlon Survey and Health Assessment FAQ’s

Stepathlon is a workplace health and wellbeing intervention designed to encourage participants towards a healthy lifestyle. As part of this objective, we conduct surveys and health assessments to enable us to provide feedback to you on your progress, to assess the effectiveness to your organisation of participating in Stepathlon, and to assist in improving Stepathlon as a platform. The following FAQs summarize the purpose of our surveys and health assessments and our commitment to your privacy.

  • What will I gain from participating?
  • The user surveys are designed to provide you with feedback on your progress towards a healthy lifestyle. The demographic, health and lifestyle information you provide is used to provide you with scores to assess your wellbeing and overall health.

  • What will I be asked to do?
  • You will be asked to complete surveys at the beginning of the Stepathlon event, and at the end of Stepathlon. The surveys are short online questionnaires that take around 10-15 minutes to fill out. The survey questions include basic demographic and lifestyle information.

  • How will the information I give be used?
  • The information you provide is used by Stepathlon to compute scores of wellbeing and health that we feed back to you to assess your progress, to assess the effectiveness to your organisation of participating in Stepathlon, and to assist in improving Stepathlon as a platform.

    An additional goal of Stepathlon is to improve health and wellbeing in the community. For this objective, de-identified survey information may be used for the purposes of scientific research with Stepathlon’s independent scientific partners. Your information will allow researchers to use your demographic questions together with the information on your health and lifestyle (but without any identifying information about you) to find out whether the amount of time and activity completed by participants in Stepathlon are related to improvements in health or wellbeing.

    From the results, the researchers plan to develop reports and presentations. These reports will be based on de-identified group results ensuring that they contain no information able to identify individual participants.

  • What are the potential risks of providing this information?
  • Your survey information is confidential. Your individual health feedback scores are private and are not shared. Any analysis or research that utilises Stepathlon data uses de-identified data that is separated from your individual identifying information.

  • How will my information contribute to research?
  • The research using de-identified information described above is conducted independently of Stepathlon by internationally recognised university investigators at Flinders University, Rush University and Victoria University. Only after they receive approval for their specific research projects from their institutional ethics committees and Stepathlon can the data can be analysed. Thus, your de-identified data can contribute to research projects performing independent analysis to assess the effectiveness of Stepathlon in areas such as cardiovascular, mental and sleep health – and remain confidential at the same time.

  • What do I have to do if I don’t want my information contributing to research?
  • If you do NOT consent that your de-identified data contribute to research as described above, your data provided to Stepathlon will only be used for feedback to you from your participation, to assess the effectiveness to your organisation of participating in Stepathlon, and to assist in improving Stepathlon as a platform.

    If at any time during your participation at Stepathlon you wish to withdraw that your de-identified data contribute to research as described above, please send an e-mail to the administration support team of Stepathlon at In this email simply use ‘withdraw my information’ or ‘withdraw my data’ in the header. The Stepathlon administration team will respond to you within 48 hours notifying you that you have withdrawn your consent that your de-identified data contribute to research and that your questionnaire data will not be made available for research as described above.

  • Who is will have access to my information?
  • Personal survey information is held securely by Stepathlon on encrypted servers. Survey data is separated from any information that could be used to identify you. De-identified survey information may be used by Stepathlon for the purposes of event planning and assessment, and for the purposes of scientific research.

Use of Anonymous Information

Stepathlon automatically gathers anonymous information to monitor the use of the Website. Stepathlon only uses such data in the aggregate. Stepathlon may publish or provide this aggregate data to other people.

Advertising on the Website

Stepathlon may be associated with various third parties to either display their advertising on the Website or to manage Stepathlon’s advertising on other sites. Stepathlon’s third party associates may use cookies and other tracking application/device to collect anonymous information i.e., non-personally identifiable information about your activities on the Website as also on other websites. This is done to provide you targeted advertising based upon your interests.


This Website currently uses cookies and Google Analytic Code. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. One of the reasons for using cookies is to identify the total number of users of a site and measure traffic patterns for research purposes. Cookies may also be used by sites that offer personalised or customised content so that a user’s preferences can be “remembered” when they return to the site. Google Analytic Code is a web analytics code which uses “cookies” to enable us to analyse how you use the Website.

Stepathlon may collect information via cookies. If Stepathlon collects personal information via cookies, then that personal information will be dealt with by Stepathlon in accordance with this privacy policy. In other words, information collected via cookies will be treated in the same way as any other information and used only for purposes set out in this policy.

The cookies can be removed by following directions provided in your internet browser’s “help” directory. Rejecting the cookies will not affect your use of the Website, but your access to some areas of the Website may be limited.

Third party application allowing users to share content on the web may also use cookies and/or other tracking applications. Stepathlon’s privacy policy does not regulate the use of such technology by the third party and does not have access or control over these applications. No personally identifiable information is collected by or transferred to this application by Stepathlon.


There will be occasions where it will be necessary for Stepathlon to disclose your personal information to third parties. Stepathlon may be required by law to disclose the information, or Stepathlon may be required to disclose your personal information to third parties to provide the service you have requested. However, the disclosure will only be made where it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which you disclosed your personal information. Otherwise than stated above, Stepathlon does not disclose personal information that you may give it such as your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number, to any organisation or person outside Stepathlon unless you have authorised it to do so.

Policy Modification

Stepathlon may periodically review and update this privacy policy in accordance with its privacy practices then in effect. Notification of such modification will be provided to you (either by email or by means of a notice on this Website prior to the change becoming effective). It is your responsibility to regularly check Stepathlon’s privacy policy to apprise yourself of such changes and your continued use of the Website following such change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such changes.

Further Information

For further information, contact either your Company Coordinator or write to us at