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The Stepathlon approach to achieving better physical and mental health is fun, motivating and sustainable. Deteriorating public health, increasing risk of lifestyle diseases and alarming statistics on mental illness at the workplace are the compelling reasons why we offer corporate employees the opportunity to be part of the Stepathlon ‘Movement for Movement.’

Stepathlon is simple and easy to implement and has been designed for maximum inclusivity. We welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, location or job function. Referred to as the “Potential Facebook of Wellness” by Business India, the Stepathlon community-based Wellness Platform serves as real-time hub for curated and expert content and guidance. We engage and reward healthy behaviors with a variety of fitness tracking, social, education and gamification tools.

Advantages for your organisation

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Pirojsha Godrej, MD & CEO, Godrej Properties

Across the world people are interested in getting into shape, in bringing about a culture of collaboration at your workplace and I think the opportunity to do this in an easy manner, in a manner where you can do all of this without taking a huge amount of people’s time is very effective and very appealing.

Shrinath Bolloju, MD & COO, Deutsche Bank AG, India

People, including me, look at their pedometers every evening and they are conscious if they are falling short of the target they have set for themselves.

Ajay Srinivasan, Chief Executive, Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group

I strongly believe that exercise sets off a very different kind of rhythm in people and therefore it will improve productivity, there is no question about the fact that it should lead to lower absenteeism.

Sandeep Ghosh, MD & CEO, Bharti Axa Life Insurance Company Ltd.

I think the ease of the whole thing, the simplicity, is what really appealed to people.

S Ramnath, Consultant, Facilities Management, HDFC LTD

Stepathlon for me is a way of life.

Deep Kalra, Founder & CEO, Make My Trip

...this could be sustained over 100 days and substantially even carried further.

Manjit Singh, CEO, Sony Multi Screen Media Pvt Ltd

....it’s been easy to implement and the company is very enthusiastic.

Tyson Busche, Company co-ordinator and Business improvement consultant, Australian Post

I know this one person who has quit smoking from the results

Rajeev Samant, Founder-CEO, Sula Vineyards

Instead of taking a rickshaw or taxi back from the train station to their homes, they are walking that extra half hour. You know just simple things like that, everybody is doing that. People are taking the stairs, rather than going by the lift.

H.K. Gandhi, Group HR Director, InterGlobe Enterprises

We were looking for an initiative which would be fun, quick and collaborative for our leadership team. We also had a purpose that something like that should be inclusive for our managers and it should leave a lasting impression, believe me I think this is one initiative which served all the purposes

Anne Shortal, Stepathlete, Kmart

I actually was a very big fitness freak, when we used to work at taronga and we had a gym and it was so much easier, as soon as the gym closed down, it got really hard and with this, it’s giving me a purpose.

Neerav Shah, Manager MS CRM, Alexion Business Services

When we used to come here to office, it used to be like, we used to be in our ownselves and we used to finish our work and get back home. But now what happens it gives us a chance to walk around, and along with that gives us a chance to socialise as well. When you start walking around you start meeting people and start connecting with them.

Prakash Bharwani, AVP CEOs office, Sula Vineyards

It’s not restricted to geography, you’re a part of a team, but you’re also free to do, so if am travelling anywhere I can still do this, I don’t need to be bound to Bombay or to the office

Vishal Putambekar, Stepathlete, YES bank

My wife also wears this stepathlon kit and she walks, so all these things are not benefited to me only, but to my wife and family also

Peter Willoughby, Lead lean six Sigma Trainer & Coach, Australian Post

We are a newly formed team, and this was a great way for us, from a team perspective, to do something together.

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