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12 month stepping stones program
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    Most people set out on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle with great enthusiasm, which is typically replaced with waning interest, and all too often, turn to complete resignation. But the path does not have to be arduous and filled with frustration, and here at Stepathlon, our mission is to keep people inspired and on track.

    We believe that incidental movement is the cornerstone of an active lifestyle. Global health institutions, like the American Heart Association, recommend adults take a minimum of 10,000 steps per day (approx. 6.4 km per day) to improve health and decrease the risk of heart disease. The Stepping Stones program is aimed at making this target a habit.

    The Stepathlon 12 month program consists of 9 scientifically tailored 'Stepping Stones', designed to help individuals reach their health goals in a simple, fun and engaging manner. The foundation of the program is the 100 Day Race, a global, mass participation corporate initiative motivating individuals towards a daily 10,000 step goal using principles of mass participation, self quantification, gamification and gratification.

    With these Stepping Stones, we intend to affect sustainable behavioural change in Stepathletes and set them on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle that will significantly benefit their colleagues, families, communities and the world.



    January sees a shift from team oriented engagement to a more communal approach that nurtures individual health and wellness goals. We celebrate the achievements from the 100 Day Race, and encourage our Stepathletes to set health goals for the New Year. These goals serve as reference points for the duration of the 12 month program, as they continue their journey to health and happiness well beyond the race.



    February is dedicated to the family. Being active with our loved ones is much more than just exercise, it’s about having fun together and making memories. We encourage Stepathletes to get out for a walk, play, dance, run and be innovative in finding ways to teach their children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.



    "Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit". In March, we ask our Stepathletes to take a step back, breathe and de-stress; whether it’s by signing up for yoga camp, through deep breathing exercises at home or heading out to the hills.



    In April, the focus shifts to the food we consume. Eating right is a key facet of the journey towards our overall wellbeing. We make our Stepathletes aware of the impact of their food choices through a combination of literature, expert advice, healthy meal plans and assessments.



    In May, Stepathletes are encouraged to race against their virtual opponent that will have characteristics drawn from their own step average over the 100 Day Race, as well as their health statistics. So in essence, May is a race against their ‘virtual self’. The goal will be to outperform targets set as per achievements in the 100 Day Race. As the Stepathletes Rush, they take part in exciting contests, and learn fun new facts.



    After a high intensity month, June is all about letting our Stepathletes take a breath and asking them to step out of their comfort zones to try something new. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and encourage Stepathletes to discover fun and different ways to be active.



    This month we have set you 50 different mini-challenges. You need to choose one challenge to complete per day. If you do not wish to try a particular challenge, you can skip to the next one. The ultimate goal is to complete a total of 31 mini-challenges successfully and gain bragging rights amongst your fellow Stepathletes!



    We begin the program in August with Step Prep, our warm up month, where we prepare participants for the upcoming 100 Day Race.

  • 100 DAY RACE

    100 DAY RACE

    From September to December, Stepathletes compete in a race around a 'virtual world'. During these months, our aim is to transform the sedentary into the active, and the active into the more active. "All Movement is Good Movement"!